Hey guys.. Welcome!

This is my first blog on the page and I wanted to explain the purpose of this blog before I start posting my thoughts going forward.

Personal finance is something which is the most misunderstood concept in India, widely due to lack of proper knowledge, reading and time spent on this topic by many investors. Our parents and grand parents have been investing since ages in fixed deposits and small savings schemes, but these were simple products available then. Today there’s a jungle out there with plethora of options to confuse us. Especially when it comes to Mutual Funds, over 1200 schemes to choose from each different from the other.

This blog is an attempt to help novice investors who are just starting their investment journey in MFs and other investment products. I intend to write some very simple blogs on MFs and personal finance that may be of help to all investors out there.

Thank you! Look forward to have an enriching time sharing my views and news on MFs.

Secret: Mutual funds are subject to market risks, so are other investments like fd, insurance invesment plans and your favourite savings banks account. They errode you monies real value unknowingly.

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