Fund House ranks based on performance – Sep 2018

Looking at fund house ranks based on AUM hardly solves any purpose for investors and advisers. AMCs should move away from AUM race and start publishing how much % of their AUM is beating benchmark – the primary role for which investors pay management fees to the AMC. 

Following are the ranks as on Sep end 2018 based on the % of Equity AUM that is beating its respective benchmark over last one year. The analysis considers all open-ended equity funds. 

Parag Parikh, Invesco India, HDFC, Edelweiss and ICICI Prudential are the top 5 fund houses as on Sep 2018. 

Mutual Fund House Ranks based on % of AUM beating BM as on Sep 2018        
Rank Mutual fund % of Equity AUM Beating BM in last 1 year
1 Parag Parikh Mutual Fund 100%
2 Invesco India Mutual Fund 83%
3 HDFC Mutual Fund 66%
4 Edelweiss Mutual Fund 62%
5 ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund 51%
6 Reliance Mutual Fund 49%
7 L&T Mutual Fund 39%
8 UTI Mutual Fund 35%
9 Union Mutual Fund 29%
10 Franklin India Mutual Fund 28%
11 HSBC Mutual Fund 26%
12 LIC Mutual Fund 23%
13 Tata Mutual Fund 20%
14 Axis Mutual Fund 16%
15 ABSL Mutual Fund 15%
16 Kotak Mutual Fund 15%
17 SBI Mutual Fund 12%
18 DSP Mutual Fund 8%
19 IDBI Mutual Fund 8%
20 Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund 8%
21 Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund 5%
22 Mirae Asset Mutual Fund 3%
23 Principal Mutual Fund 1%
24 BNP Paribas Mutual Fund 0%
25 BOI Axa Mutual Fund 0%
26 Canara Robeco Mutual Fund 0%
27 DHFL Pramerica Mutual Fund 0%
28 Essel Mutual Fund 0%
29 IDFC Mutual Fund 0%
30 IIFL Mutual Fund 0%
31 Indiabulls Mutual Fund 0%
32 JM Mutual Fund 0%
33 Mahindra Mutual Fund 0%
34 Quantum Mutual Fund 0%
35 Sundaram Mutual Fund 0%
Data Source: ICRA Online – International funds and hybrid funds are not considered for this analysis. 

Happy Investing!

7 thoughts on “Fund House ranks based on performance – Sep 2018

  1. Surprised to note that there are many AMCs who could not beat benchmark in last 1 year having have zero percentage that means these AMCs are having lot of portfolio in MID & Small Cap category. Thanks to SEBI for recent categorisation which will help financial advisor to create portfolio of genuine investor. Offcourse in Equity non one should judge on one year performance but at least come to know which AMCs are MID or Small cap bias.


  2. Good charts @mfguy . Suggestion :- if you can publish data with Debt , Equity and Liquids separately ,it will make more sense . Esp Active Equity Funds excluding Arbitrage and Index Fund /ETF . Way back read some report by Value Research was published in 2012-13 if I remember correctly


  3. Equity as an asset is for long term so even this data does not serve the purpose. Better had you published 5 yrs, 7 yrs, 10 yrs date in the same line.


  4. Good insight. Probably adding one column of scheme count would give even a clearer picture. Different fund houses will have different number of scheme count. Therefore, a fund house having 10 schemes and 5 beating the BM would have 50% record and another having 2 schemes with 1 beating Bm have the same record.


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