Investing tips..

Here are some tips that can help you manage your investments better If you are an impulsive spender and it seems difficult to control your expenses Dump your credit card now, don’t leave too much cash in savings account. Start a SIP in liquid fund with 50% of your expense and redeem if you need […]

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Investing Bytes

Investing Bytes is a collection of select tweets on my handle. I hope you enjoy reading them all at one place here. Decade ago the challenge in investing was accessing information. Today the challenge is excess information and separating wheat from the chaff – separating news from the views. #investing Market is an auction room […]

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When markets cheer bad news…

Recent reaction by markets to the most feared news – RBI governor resigning and BJP loosing the state elections, was surprising. No one in their dreams would have thought that markets will react positively to such extreme shocking and negative news.  While we cannot exactly know why this happened, but definitely there’s is something to […]

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The upside of protecting downside

The trick in investing is not to lose money That’s the most important thing. If you compound your money at 12% a year, you’re better off than investor who make 25% in one year and lose 20% next year, who have some great years and horrible losses in others. The losses will kill you. They ruin the […]

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